Campaign Mode


Gather Resources

Players can wander the worlds and explore plentiful bounties These resources will prove to be useful in enemy combat and weapon upgrades. Wood, Stone, Metal and consumables are some of the abundant resources on offer.


Quests allow players to prove their mettle as a Portal Dweller. Players will take these challenging quests to unlock the much acclaimed, and useful, Quest Cards. These cards come in different rarity levels = uncommon, common, rare, epic and legendary

Loot Boxes

The levitating seeds from the destroyed capsule were harbinger of endless bounties in the form of loot boxes. These boxes allow portal dwellers to reap rewards. These loot boxes will help the players in combat and player’s progression through general rewards, Location Based Drops, Time Based and XP Based

Enemy Combat

Players will enter into the Portal Dweller realms where they will face different enemies and beasts. By overpowering enemies, gain useful resources in the form of XP, Weapon Cards and Fur.

Player Duels

Players will also engage with other players to establish their dominance over the Portal Dweller universe. These duels are not only help in establishing credentials in the leaderboard but also help in valuable gaining resources such as XP and Coins.

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