Character NFTs

Portal Dwellers enables the traditional Web2 gamer to adopt Web3 by offering true in-game asset ownership. All the playable characters will be NFTs that can be minted, upgrades and traded.

The key features of character NFTs is the direct link between visual mint characteristics (player skin) with player progression-based visuals (rank and rarity). As players progress through the game, they earn experience points and gather resources by completing various tasks and quests. These experience points and resources can then be used to upgrade the NFT characters, with the visual appearance of the NFTs also updating on the blockchain to reflect the upgrade. When players first begin the game, they start with a basic NFT character, but as they continue to progress and upgrade their character, it becomes more powerful and visually distinct.

This added layer of excitement and motivation encourages players to continue playing and to work towards upgrading their NFT characters. Additionally, the upgraded NFT characters can be used to showcase a player's progress and accomplishments to other players.

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