In-Game Asset Ownership

PortalDwellers offer a novel approach to in-game asset ownership by going down the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) route. Playable Characters, Weapons and Accessories will be available as NFTs for use within the game. The available NFTs are utility driven – i.e. play the game with the exact same visual characters, weapons and accessories. Portal Dweller NFTs will have two components – uniqueness that is established at the time of the mint and uniqueness that is enforced through player, weapon and accessory progression. This uniqueness will have enforced on the blockchain through both visual (image) and textual attributes ( level , rank , rarity etc. ). Players will look to progress their NFTs, so that they are not only able to improve their in-game stats and mechanics, but also so that their NFTs can become more precious in the marketplace.