The Portal Dwellers platform is powered by a decentralized Omni-chain blockchain infrastructure. A multichain approach offers advantages such as increased liquidity, an expanded player base, and a way to compensate for the limitations of one chain with the benefits of another. In-game assets and collectibles can be seamlessly moved from one chain to another. It would be possible, for instance, to mint NFTs on Ethereum and bridge them to the BNB chain using the in-game interface. A bridge between Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and Solana will be developed in the initial phase.


Unity is amongst the leading game engine that allows developers to quickly and efficiently create complex and interactive experiences. Unity has a rich and thriving developer and creator ecosystem that is continuously pushing the boundary of creative excellence. Unity offers great flexibility in building games and applications for multiple platforms at once by having in-built and custom SDKS. These key differentiators made Unity, the development platform for Portal Dwellers.

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