A shiny, lustrous capsule stood still amidst the brewing chaos in the Andromeda galaxy. The capsule was marked by an ancient deity and was an emblem of peace. However, the menacing forces of the darker dimensions seeped into the human world, shattering the crystal in the process. It was done to harvest its power so the darker forces could vanquish the human world and settle for themselves. The crystal also carried a unique type of stardust that could end the greatest miseries, even death, leading to immortality.
Following the shattering, fountains of blinding light poured out of the crystal, darting here and there and only ending up giving birth to portals, gateway to myriad enthralling worlds. These worlds were not to be taken lightly, for inside them lay a solution to glueing back the crystal. A way to undo the calamities of the darker forces. But who had the guts to plunge deeper into these worlds, established through portals, crawling with monsters, minions, and devil’s pawns? There were a few, a few chosen ones.
The portal dwellers were ready for anything thrown at them. They knew the darker forces would impede their progress, dull their strength, reduce their foresight, and suffocate their lives for trying to unravel whatever lies within these enigmatic portals, so they would have to be vigilant as each footstep entails great danger. A fierce, gruesome battle took place, and, in hindsight, the portal-dwellers knew they would be able to push back the darker forces. And they did. With their tails between their legs, the darker forces went into the portals, reposting to gain strength and protecting the solution from getting into the hands of the portal dwellers, for they were coming, coming to destroy the evil for once and for all.